Do you make custom parts?Yes, we do make custom parts on occasion. This can be an expensive proposition, however. If you can get 10 or more people together to purchase the finished part we will consider making it without charging tooling costs, but one-off parts do incur significant design and tooling charges. It is best to contact us about your project and we will provide specifics.
Do you have sponsorships? If so, how can I qualify?We do occasionally provide our products at either reduced pricing or at no cost depending on the nature of your commitment to advertising and/or marketing the product. To be considered, send us an email detailing your project along with your promotional plans. We will let you know how much sponsorship you may qualify for.
Are your carbon fiber parts made with 100% carbon fiber?We use a backing of fiberglass on all of our carbon fiber parts for shape and rigidity.
My carbon fiber part seems to have irregular spots and imperfections in the weave. Is this a bad part?Every piece of Carbon Fiber material has unique characteristics. No two pieces will be alike. The appearance of the weave will change depending on the shape of the part. Our parts are hand made, one at a time, and each variation is an indication of the hand-craftsmanship and should not be viewed as a defect. The only time you will see "perfect" carbon fiber is when it is a simulated product.
How should I care for my parts?DG Motorsports fiberglass and carbon fiber parts can be washed and waxed just like you would the exterior of your car. They can also scratch just like your car, so only use soft nonabrasive products on the finish. We recommend a clean microfiber towel and quality polishes, applied by hand.
Do you offer local pick up?Yes, you may request local pickup for any of our parts. Simply check the "local pick up" box in your shopping cart, and no shipping charges will be added to your order. Once your part is ready, we will contact you to arrange a pick up date and time.
Do you ship internationally?Yes, we ship worldwide. Please contact us for a specific shipping quote.
How do I check the status of my order?You have several options for checking the status of your order. You may use our online tool if you know your Order ID. You may also call us at 760-433-7413 M-F, or you may request your status by sending us an email inquiry. Order status is updated online at the end of each day.
Do your parts come completely finished and ready to install?No, for the most part, all of our parts need to be sanded/scuffed and painted before you install them. Our urethane parts are raw urethane, and although some of our racing customers install them as is, they do not come finished. All of our fiberglass parts come with a gel-coat finish, and also need to be sanded/scuffed and painted prior to installation. Our carbon fiber parts can be installed without any further finishing, although you may want to clear-coat them.
Do you provide finishing/painting services?No, we do not have painting services on our premises. We recommend contacting a qualified paint/body shop to assist you with finishing your part.