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DG Motorsports released a new hardtop designed for the 2016 MX-5 late last year. Along with that release came some questions, some of which I will answer here.

DG Motorsports makes hardtops for each model of the Miata/MX-5, but in the past these have been designed and marketed as 'racing' hardtops, and not as 'street' hardtops. So, question number one is:

What is the difference between a Racing and a Street hardtop?

In general, when we label a hardtop as 'racing,' it means that it does not come with any extra features that are not necessary for track use, such as window seals.

Racing hardtops do NOT come with:
• Window seals
• Molded rear windows
• Headliners (except they DO have a pad to protect your helmet)

They are also designed for cars that have the soft top removed, and thus have a different mounting bracket configuration. They have additional inside height in order to accommodate large roll cages and helmets. Can you purchase a racing hardtop and use it on the street? Yes, certainly, but you might need to at least seal the side and rear windows to keep out the weather. You can refer to our instructions on how to weatherproof the NA/NB (1990-2005) racing hardtop for an idea of what this takes.

We now offer a street version of the 2016 (ND) MX-5 hardtop. Street versions of the NC (2006-2014) and NA/NB (1990-2005) hardtops are in the works and will be available this year. When we label a hardtop as 'street,' it means that it comes fully sealed, fully finished on the inside with a headliner, and has a molded rear window. They are designed to be mounted without having to remove the soft top, and the brackets seamlessly blend with the car's lines. Basically, we want these hardtops to look and feel OEM, without the expense.

What is the deal with the side window seals? Do they work?

If you order a fiberglass top, it ships without the seals installed, so you can finish/paint the top before installing them. The carbon fiber tops come with the seals installed. From what we know from our own testing and from customer feedback, the seals are effective at keeping out the weather. However, we want you to know we are always looking to update and perfect products, and will always address any and all reasonable concerns.

Does the rear window come with a defroster? Can I tint the rear window?

Although the rear window is manufactured specifically for the hardtop and is permanently bonded in, it is not glass, and our hardtops are not wired to accommodate a defroster. You can, however, coat them with an anti-fog finish and/or tint them with a 3M™ vented decal.

What is the finish on the hardtops? Do I need to do any extra work?

Our fiberglass hardtops come with a black gel-coat finish. Many of our racing customers don't bother to finish them further, but we do recommend that these be painted prior to installation. We recommend a qualified and experienced paint/body shop for this. Carbon fiber hardtops are shipped ready to install, and come with a clear coat finish. You may certainly paint these if you wish, or for a spectacular and unusual look, you might consider a tinted clear coat finish. You can see that effect on several of our previous show vehicles, such as the Blazing Miata.

I have been waiting a long time for the new version of your other hardtops what is the holdup?

Perfection takes time! At DG Motorsports, we really take pride in our products, and when something gets released too soon, we run into unexpected problems. We are working as quickly as possible to get you the best product available. Thanks for your patience!

I have a new Fiat 124 Spider. Will your 2016 MX-5 Hardtop fit my car?

The quick answer is yes, the hardtop fits, but the rear mounting bracket configuration is slightly different. Thanks to help from the team at Good-Win Racing, we have designed the new rear brackets and will be releasing the Fiat model soon! We will keep you updated on the release of all of our new hardtop models currently in the works.


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