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Making it at DG Motorsports: From Inspiration to Finished Product

It all starts with an inspiration, a thought, perhaps a vision of a finished work. Where it ends up is in our catalog and on your car. But all too often it also ends up in the hands of knock-off artists, looking to make a quick buck off the hard work of someone else. This article will walk you through the design and build process of our parts, and hopefully will give you an idea of what it is you are actually getting when you order a genuine DG Motorsports part, and why you might want to avoid knock-offs (of any brand) in the future.

When you purchase an original DG Motorsports design (not a factory reproduction), you are getting the benefit of more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, on projects from the track to the showroom. Around here, we don't cut corners and we don't compromise on design. That's why companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler/Dodge, Mazda, Hyundai, and Swift have all called on David Green to design and build parts for them.

So, once David has an idea, where does it go from there? Many times, he starts with a CAD, rendering or just a sketch. From there, it goes to the mock-up stage, so he can further visualize the part on the car and make design adjustments and refinements. How does this fit with the lines of the car? How easy will it be to install? What modifications will need to be made on the car to fit the part? All of this is addressed at the outset, before the mold is even started.

Once a quick mock-up is done, the fine details are worked out, and the part takes its final shape. Only now is it ready to be cast into a production mold - whether for fiberglass, carbon fiber or urethane. So what's in a mold? Isn't one mold pretty much the same as the next? The answer is a definitive "no." You simply cannot get quality parts from a sub-quality mold. Building a superior tool takes skill and experience, something we don't lack at DG Motorsports. Quality materials count as well, and only top tier ingredients are used in making DG Motorsports parts.

So what's in it for you, the customer, to spend the few extra bucks to get genuine parts? Well, for one thing, you know you are paying for the original, with higher quality materials. You will also receive a part that lasts longer, and has superior fit and finish. You will know that you are not supporting people who steal the ideas and work of another person. Seriously, how would you feel if it were you who spent the time and effort to bring an idea to fruition, and then someone else got paid for it? Don't encourage other people to steal work that isn't theirs by purchasing knock-offs.


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